TCI launches new materials to boost perovskite PV performance

In June 2021, Tokyo Chemical Industry Company Limited (TCI) started offering new hole selective self-assembled monolayer (SAM) forming agents, 2PACz [Product Number: C3663], MeO-2PACz [D5798] and Me-4PACz [M3359] for high performance perovskite solar cells and OPVs. Now, TCI has expanded its range of SAMs by adding two new high-efficiency materials: Me-2PACz [M3477] and Br-2PACz [B6391].

The SAM materials enable efficient, versatile and stable p-i-n perovskite solar cell devices. These materials are useful for tandem solar cells as they grant conformal coverage on rough textures. In fact, a perovskite solar cell that uses the SAM hole transport layer can realize more than 20% efficiency without using dopants or additives. Perovskite-Silicon tandem solar cells that use Me-4PACz as a hole contact material realized 29.15% efficiency. Costs are lowered thanks to extremely low material consumption, and the processing is very simple and scalable.

Processing of the SAMs can be done using dip coating, which is suitable for large-area coating and textured substrates, as well as spin coating - suitable for fast research & optimization. The SAMs can be processed within wide processing windows with higher reproducibility than current standard hole transport materials (like PTAA).

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Posted: Nov 17,2022 by Ron Mertens